Opulence Vs Minimalism

The rapid pace of modern life and the even faster pace of fashion, how is is it possible to have two current trends which are polar opposites. Well apparently its reality, opulence vs minimalism, but which will you hedge your style bet on? It seems that people of today aren't satisfied by a trend or a style and there are several competing trends all at the same time. Fashion used to be highly identifiable to a decade, we all remember the 90s grunge and the Clueless preppy trend which lead into the 2000s, the 70s flares, mini dresses and DVF wrap dresses but the question is what is the 20teens going to be known for Opulence or Minimalism.

 This trend is even being played out in Hollywood weddings, the opulence and some might even say OTT of Mariah Carey's vows renewed this year  at Disneyland with horse drawn pumpkin carriage vs Keira Knightly with the ultra low key event with only 11 guests wearing a recycled (or extremely similar to one she wore in 2008) strapless dress, ballet flats and a Chanel jacket.

You can also see this through recent runway shows Dolce & Gabbana opulence vs Celine sleek minimalism.


A Jil Sander Paper Bag vs Alexander McQueen Knuckle embroidered satin tulle clutch.

Jil Sander

Alexander McQueen

But is it s question of Opulence vs Minimalism or can we have both?