Fashion Design Study

So I thought I would update you on my study, I'm studying Fashion Design at Tafe SA and I'm six months in, its pretty full on, however, worth all the blood sweat and tears. I'm absolutley loving it, 110%!!! Its amazing all the things you learn, all the mistakes you make and all the end results which make it all worth it! The course that I'm undertaking is a design and technology course, which is very hands on, we use industrial machines, we pattern make and we create all the garments ourselves. I love all the design subjects which go indepth on colour, cut and  fit and the overall design process. I can't believe how much I have learnt in such a short period, and this semester is ment to be harder as they are craming more in. Can't wait to sink my teeth in and be up to my arm pits in calico.
If you have ever thought about studying Fashion Design, its never too late, go on what have you got to loose?