An Italian Summer

3 Italian cities you should see this summer 


Rome is a magical city an overload for the senses. From art, history, architecture with a captivating and infectious culture, it’s a must see this summer! From the Spanish steps to the coliseum Rome has plenty to see and plenty of delicious cuisine to devour on your journey. Rome is a mecca of culture and cuisine, you never be wanting for things to do, but you will be left wanting more. 


Bologna home of Bolognese, and the capital of Italy for fleeting moment during the Napoleonic reign. A fascinating place filled with porticos and a maze of streets to wonder. Its also referred to the stomach of Italy as it has some of the best produce and restaurants in Italy. For a gastronomic love affair this is the place for you. 


Milan home of high fashion and grandeur. For a luxury escape Milan is the destination for you this summer. Wonder for miles with stunning array of refined threads to ponder. Milan is known as the European city of Italy, filled with some of the most elaborate and ornate architecture.