To trend or not to trend that is the question?

 70s Pucci  80s Chanel  90s Versace

70s Pucci  80s Chanel  90s Versace

Fashion is about self-expression, so why is so hard to choose a style is about not knowing oneself, or is it about exploring oneself, or are we merely just trying to fit in. Is it about expressing class and status in life

Or is it really just about having fun with it all, enjoy the art of dressing by exploring the characters and the personality that we want to show the world.   

Trends used to have a broader audience and would encapsulate most of society, now they are so many trends happening at once, it's hard to choose which invest in and which ones you let pass you by. Should you go by gut feeling or should choose a style to stick by?

Fashion is a fickle business, one moment that it bag is the biggest thing since sliced bread and then next week it's been tossed to the way side. So how do you choose wether to buy into trend or not? For me it's a question of what fashion means to you, is the clothes you wear a reflection of your own personality? Or a theme or a mood your trying to project? Or is a bit of fun playing dress up, and trying new looks? Or you just trying to fit into your social scene?

If fashion for you is a bit of fun, trying out different characters or moods then trends are certainly for you, as it keeps you interested as it is forever changing. However, if fashion is about expressing your style, then I would say find a style that suits you as an individual and explore all the options within that style. But most of all dress to suit you, and that makes you feel the best possible version of yourself, whatever that maybe?