Chanel's Middle East Focus

The resort collection used to be about the well to do having the appropriate vacation wear to travel to far off places, which included swim suits, kaftans, dinner dress, light weight coats as you travel to get away from the cold, to a resort hence the name. But with each passing year the difference between the collections seem to be less and less in the sense of variety of apparel due to the temperate controlled life we lead in today's modern age, a heavy coat is only necessary when travelling from the office to the train station or car park depending on your choice of commute. So what in essence is it all about these days? Well Karl seems to use these resort collections to explore an idea to its fullest potential. This year was all about the Middle East set in Dubai, Chanel showed a range of glamourised jeanie pants, kaftans, slim leg pants under long calf length dresses with crest moon motif used through out. The Chanel resort collection seems to symbolise the importance of the Middle East market to western luxury brands